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Yant's Jerky

Perfect for camping, hiking or all-out snacking, Yant’s Jerky will satisfy any craving and then some!

Infused with just the right blend of our own secret recipes, Yant's Jerky will make you wonder how you lived this long without it!

Available in three convenient sizes - 1.6oz, 3.25oz and 7oz.

Yant's Jerky, Beef and Turkey
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Yant's Jerky is enjoyed around the world!
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Yant's Snack Sticks

Yant’s Jerky Snack Sticks are our #1 seller.

We are pleased to say, we only use USDA top quality meat in our Snack Sticks.

From the moment you open your bag of jerky, you will experience a great tasting, high protein, low fat, smart choice snack good enough to satisfy you and the whole family!

Yant's Jerky Snack Sticks
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